Mark IV DHC 1948 - hood cover

What material should I use to make the hood cover? Leather like on the seats? Synthetic leather? Some kind of tarpaulin? Any other amterial?

Goedemorgen Polti, what material did you use to make the hood cover?

Hi Pekka, any idea what material to use to make the hood cover?

For whatever it’s worth, way back in the 70’s when I restored my 1948 3 1/2 DHC I used convertible top materiel in dark grey for the top cover. The car was Black with a tan top. I showed that car extensively back then and it wound up being JCNA Class one Natl Champion in 1976. (I know - how did all those years go by?..) But that’s really no assurance that I had used the correct material. My 1938 SS100 has what may be its original top cover, and it is black cloth convertible top material. One of my current cars is 1971 Mercedes 280SE Cabrioletthat has a padded, headlinered top that folds about as awkwardly as the Jaguar DHC did. The top cover on it is leather that matches the seats. While it fits and does the job, leather is really too stiff for this application. Dave

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I don’t know the answer but I would ask; “why would it be other than the same material as the hood itself?”


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Thanks @DaveXK for the comprehensive information. I thought that leather would not be a good solution. So I will consider using a material similar to what the hood is made of.

Thanks Peter, good question. I have seen hood covers made of many various materials (often an artificial leather) and therefore I am trying to find out what Jaguar offered for the Mark IV.


I agree, it is usually done with the same material as the hood itself. I have seen a few with contrasting piping but not sure if that was original.


Thanks a lot Pekka for your reply.

Slawek, I don’t think there was a hood cover available on the MK IV DHC, but I’ve seen several ‘after market’ examples, they all done with the same material as the hood.

Thanks Polti! This is surprising information. Now I understand why the ones I saw on various cars were so different from each other. So I will use the same material as for the hood cover. Bedankt!

Page 70b of the 3-1/2L SPC.
It doesn’t seem to be in the 2-1/2L SPC.
No indication as to whether it was standard or an option.

Thank you Rob. At least we know it was offered.