Mark IV Factory Fitted Luggage: information wanted

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Here is a Jaguar photo of factory fitted luggage. This image is the Paul Skilleter online e-book “Jaguar Saloon Cars - The Pushrod Jaguars - SS Jaguar, Mk IV & V”. Specifically, the image is in the chapter “Jaguar in the United States” and I interpret the car to be a Mark IV:

Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 6.29.40 PM

My question is, what kind of information/examples are there concerning this luggage? Does anyone have photos and/or measurements of this luggage? It would be really something if somebody makes an exact replica of this set but I have not heard of that.

I have seen photos of original XK120 fitted luggage and, although it is very desirable to me, the luggage seems a little “basic” in their quality. Can anyone comment if the Mark IV luggage looked the same? Perhaps they were even made by the same manufacturer? At any rate, basic or not, it would be quite a compliment to the fitted tool kit as an enhancement to the boot.

By the way, the book is very informative and is enjoyable reading.

This are 2 photo’s I took from the luggage of a MKIV, but don’t know if these suitcases are original…



Bexton still manufacture cases, and are based in the UK. Here is the link to their Web site:

They could well have cases for the MK IV, or at least have dimensions to custom make a set.

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This is a one man shop in the US and he has participated on the XK forum.

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I always drool on my keyboard when I look at his site. The company can cover the outside of the luggage with matching interior leather if one wishes. At the moment I am all hung up on seeing what the original luggage option looked like. Probably unattainable for me to ever own. My neighbor a few miles from me has a Mark IV saloon his grandfather bought new and he told me last year that his grandfather discarded the original luggage long ago. I wish I would have been there on trash day!