Mark IV Running In Decal

Hello all,

Below is a period photo of a Mark IV saloon with the early style (Jaguar wings) running-in decal on the windscreen. I never have seen these used before on pre-XK/ Mark VII cars so I was very interested to see this. Does anyone know when Jaguar started using these? Incidentally, this RHD 2-1/2 Litre Mark IV is winding up a week’s bidding on eBay UK as a beautiful, unfinished project. I am sad for the owner that he cannot finish it and it will hopefully be taken to the finish line soon by the new owner.

1948 Jaguar MkIV 2.5 litre AJV 854 | eBay

Wow, that’s a really good question.
If we could put a date on that old pic of AJV 854 that would really help.
A Chassis number would also be great to identify it.
I’m looking through Jaguar Saloon Cars by Paul Skilleter, and I see some that do have it and some that don’t. Definitely on Mark V and late Mark IV, there is a pic of Lyons and somebody else trying out fog light locations on the mockup Mark V with what must be a new Mark IV behind Lyons which has the decal. And there is a car located in Fiji with one, can’t make out whether it is pre or post war.
A couple more have it, and some don’t. A LHD Mark IV has it on the left.

The car was first registered on 16th December 1948 Chassis number 511593.
The photo is one of several taken of the first owner and his wife and son probably taken when the car was still a novelty.



Is it a decal or a tax disc?

Decal on the right, tax disc on the left for UK.