Mark IV sump baffle

Can anyone post a picture of the sump baffle plate for the 1 1/2 please? A colleague has recently got his on the road and there is oil dripping down the dipstick tube onto the sump. The dipstick has a fault in that the fancy double-headed finger spring thingy is broken at one end and cannot hold the dipstick centrally or firmly in place. This is contributing to the problem as the felt seal cannot do its job but the amount of oil discharge has another cause. Withdrawing the dipstick releases an emission of fine drops of oil constantly throwing up and out as far as the mudguard. I think it is probably missing the sump baffle - but is there another cause?

Just to give some background, the engine was reconditioned many years ago and installed into the bare chassis by the previous owner but never run until recently. It runs extremely well, pulls strongly and there are no fumes or oil emitted from the breather. The oil level is just below the full line.
An endoscope may fit down the tube to do a first inspection and may pick up whether there is a plate in there.

Also, is a replacement spring or alternative available?

It probably < no it wasn’t , A GOOd THING, to strat a restoration by rebuilding the engine first. Rings can lose tension etc. But the baffle should not be sponsible for ejection of oil through the dipstick hole as described… Could it be the crankcase is pressurised and thais pushes the oil out. Is the breather set up properly , very often isn’t.
I don’t have a pic on file of a 1 1/2 baffle but all the other s sonsist of a horizontal plate, slighltly v’ down toward the centre line. With a hole to clear the oil pump and another for the dipstick. There is a vertical plate welded to that running for and aft And of course , clearance all round to allow oil to dripback down to the bottom.