Mark IV sunroof seal at front

Hi all.
I’m looking for a photo showing the front of a Mark IV sunroof.
It appears there is a rubber seal?
Cheers, Graham.


I did an article in CJA newsletter on how to do it.

Don’t know if I still have the article but probably still have the step by step pics.
Actually just had a look now and it’s still on the computer but can’tupload it as its a word doco. If you send me your email address I can forward the whole document to you

It should have a thin rubber seal on the front edge. I could not find a supplier of these seals. My old one was rotted and easily peeled away from the sun roof. Once I had cleaned up the sun roof edge I used a very thin black rubber flat strip (about 1.5 inch wide) to form the weather seals, and glued it in place and used clips to hold the shape. Once the glue had dried I trimmed it off to shape. Here are a few pictures if it helps:

Sun%20roof%20weather%20seal%20(2) image

Ed’s pictures from the pdf file.
Is it ok if I load the text as well?

And here I was, thinking I was the only idiot who used the Saran Wrap/sealant method to tighten old/make new seals!

It’s OK with me if you can find a way I couldn’t up load it in word doco format

Let’s see if this works. This was written by Ed Nantes.
sunroof seals 2.pdf (648.2 KB)

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That wording is a bit…ambivalent. But the link and fix both work

Thanks for the replies all.