Mark Iv tailpipe detail

Is there any information about the 6 cylinder tail pipe tips? They are shown in the spares catalogue picture, and mentioned in a few publications, as being oval at the outlet. This would be an advantage as it is easy (for me) to drag the pipes over driveway crossings, etc., and an extra inch can make a big difference. It would be nice to be able to just get an extension to clamp onto a cut-back pipe. The oval needs to be offset to the top alignment of the pipe, not on centreline. I am thinking about having a go at something myself when I have nothing else to do…

Hi Peter.
I’m not sure exactly what post war cars had, however, as far as I am aware at least the 39-40MY SS had these oval tail pipes.
I purchased a complete exhaust system, with oval tips, from P D Goughs but they may supply just the tail sections. Make sure they don’t confuse your car with a SS100 as they initially did mine.

Peter, to my knowledge, all post war 3.5ltr had oval ends as indicated in the factory manual. Round ends were for 2.5ltr.

Now that’s a very strange suggestion. Why would the 3½ and 2½ litre cars have different tail pipes?


Check-out Plate V 2.5 & 3.5 spare parts cat.

While the tail pipe ends in the photos are not clear, there are distinct p/n. My interpretation.

I see that the 3½ litre has circular silencer boxes and the 2½ litre has oval. This could be understandable but I don’t see any difference in the tail pipes. They both look squashed to me and that makes sense. There is possibly a difference in the height of the pipe fixing perhaps explained by the differing exit heights of the silencer boxes.


Thanks to all. The drawing indicates both have tapered and flattened ends so I’ll run with that premise I don’t know, but just for interest’s sake, if the 1.5 has similar, but I would assume so.

Here is a good shot of some tailpipes.


In the photo I posted of the beautiful green car (above) can the pedants pick what is incorrect with the number plate box? :wink:

I’ve been very well schooled over the last few years. :innocent:

Tim :fox_face:

The registration plate is fitted on the outside of the cover. How would this be illuminated? Therefore illegal.

I like the original ‘Reflecta’ type of reflectors. I don’t know anywhere these are available. Good for originality but they would be better to be augmented with modern larger ones if you are lucky enough to get some.

The ACE translucent digits have not been reproduced as far as I know and it can be difficult to find originals. My car lost its original registration and I had hoped to discover what it was so I didn’t want to waste time and money looking for translucent digits for the age related plate that my car now has. I mounted the characters on a black board positioned at the back of the light box and these are behind the glass and adequately illuminated from the sides.


Some exciting news for you, Peter.


No, that’s not it. They were produced to allow the light through = translucent. We can’t use them because we need to identify the State in which we live.

The cover of the number plate frame should always be black and the left hand brake light should have the red / clear lens. It’s sad that I should know that, really. :grin:

I managed to find two of the red ‘Reflecta’ jewels through Barretts. They were the last last two they had and sadly they aren’t going to produce them anymore. No doubt it’s a project for someone. I had the bumper bar bolts remanufactured so it might be a future project. Spring steel with a red glass ‘raspberry’ pattern insert. Can’t be too hard? :rofl:


Thanks Tim, but I don’t think they are offering translucent characters but I guess having generated the moulds there is no reason for them not to offer them.


Bother! I was quite excited at having found the website. They might know where to source the translucent characters, or they might manufacture them if there was sufficient interest?

I do love the photo of your lovely car in the countryside.


They have done the most expensive part of the tooling but they would still need to punch out the black metal surrounds for each character. I guess they could avoid this by simply including the rectangular backing with the characters and then painting them black or leaving it to the customer to do that.


Hello Peter,

I’ve sent off an enquiry to the company asking about the translucent variant. I note on their website that there is a photo of white letters. They might well be powder coated.


I’ll let you knowhow I get on. :crossed_fingers:t2: