A total mystery to me, but within a box of parts recently obtained from a long time Jaguar enthusiast cleaning out his garage, was a ‘mystery’ part I have never seen before, but labelled " WHEEL HUB COVER Mk IV " . See attached photos, its 4.75in diameter and 3.5in overall depth/height.
The top cap is made of thin aluminium sheet, and has a JAGUAR badge screwed on - the Badge being same as found on Mark V/Mark VII/ XK120 hub-caps. There is a steel-disc reinforcing plate under the aluminium, onto which is bolted a steel disc CUP some 2-3/4in internal diameter … see photos…

These parts came from Melbourne, so maybe something accessory/gimmicky from Brylaws ???
Or does anyone recognise it…

Hi Roger, Where do you see the the text WHEEL HUB COVER Mk IV? Is this printed on what looks like an official Jaguar Parts box? Do you have a photo of the box?


Nope. A handwritten label. Nothing official.

Well, I will disregard that then. :face_with_monocle:
It looks like it is intended to push into or over a pipe. Perhaps a petrol filler cap??

Perhaps on something like the “beautiful” Rixon Bucknall?



The steel cup looks similar to the insert used with the “ACE” wheel embellishes.
Perhaps this item is a “ homemade”

Could it have been cut out from a disc wheel hubcap (nave plate)?

Bearing in mind that there were several slight variations of this design.
My thought is it could have been made as a display cover for a wire wheel/tire in a tire shop.

Its far to well made to be ‘homemade’, but something along the lines of Rob R’s suggestions, maybe made or similar to 'ACE" products is a real possibility…, but the inclusion of the factory JAGUAR badge is thus not expected…
But it would seen nothing obvious/definite - maybe one for the bin, and it wouldn’t then keep me wondering…

Naaaaw! Good wall art!

The ears have some damage similar to the object being tightened or loosened eg. knockoff/spinner

Its only lightweight aluminium sheet outer, and no threads anywhere, so not something tightened/loosened, but more a case of the steel cup being pushed onto something…

I wonder if it’s an aftermarket accessory, to fit into a side-mount.

Perhaps that’s why Roger posted his question to this forum, the only one dealing with cars with side mounts, but I believe the side mounts on pre-'38 SS cars are held on by a real threaded spinner, and this thing wouldn’t hold one.

How is the steel cup held to the steel disc? Just the two studs on the Jaguar emblem? Or is there a center screw?