Mark IV windscreen handle

Has anyone found a replacement crank handle for the windscreen.

In case you need a picture, here is what mine has.

The Jaguar Part No. is 1715/A. Someone will have a spare.


Thank you for the part number. Hopefully you are right and someone will have one. I have considered making one, but it would be very difficult.

I got curious to know if there was a manufacturer’s mark on it, so I removed mine, but there was no mark on the chrome handle. The plastic knob is marked Cox & Co. Pat. No. 376452. The handle fits a shaft of 3/8" dia with 20 splines. The screw is a 2BA x 1/2" chromed round head. The shoulder screw for the knob is also 2BA.

The inventor of the crank opening windscreen was Rowland Wilton Cox of Putney, who filed his patent in 1931.

Grace’s Guide found some advertising.

Cox & Co was also in the tubular seating business and may have made the front seats in my '38, something I may investigate some day.

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The handle is the correct one. I have 2 Mark IVs and one handle. Let me know how much you want for it.


No, I just have the one, which I put back on my car.
I just thought you might not know what was the correct one.

Hi Rob,

I’m guessing that these winding handles would have been fitted to other English cars of the period? Would you happen to know which ones? It might give Dennis some more avenues to look down in order to find one.

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You could try Davenport Cars in UK +441767650271

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this is the identification plate on my MK IV ('48) front seats





I believe Rover cars (in the UK) of that era also had similar opening windscreens, but I don’t know if the handles interchange. Photos of the Rover 16:

Hi Polti,

Same company as all MKV front seats (both Saloon and Drophead seats, although the have a different structure, as the DHC seatbacks tilt).


Thank you for your encouragement. Hopefully the word will get out, and the handle will be found.

I was able to find the correct windscreen handle in Australia. Thank you Peter, and thank the rest of you for all of the information.


To follow on with the conversations about the windscreen crank handle and the possibility of another car model having the same winder and the mention of perhaps a Rover one will be similar, I had a 1939 Rover and contracted a marque specialist Meteor spares and enquired about the handle, alas after sending Rob’s pictures of the handle the answer was no, they are totally different

I am in need of one, if anybody has any contacts or a spare one it would be appreciated if they could get in touch, the hunt goes on!