Mark IX power steering box replace or rebuild

Crud. Had Proud Mary (Mark IX) on the road between updates. Thought I would make something better. Power steering box started leaking more. I had replaced seals with a kit that fixed the vertical shaft, but oil dripped out of the input shaft even at rest.
Found a NAPA seal for the input shaft. Installed it. Had a little problem assembling, and when tried out, blew out the seal. Took it apart and the worm gear has edge chips. I do not want to try to rebuild it as an ametuer DIY mechanic.

I have searched past posts here and do not find an adequate replacement. For rebuilders, USA ebay advertizes Advantage Steering and Premier Auto Parts. I am in the US, so Summit Steerings and ICS Steering Specialist are too far away to be practical.
Question 1. Anyone have a good remanufacturer in the States that has produced a box that does not leak?
Question 2. Is there a box that would fit the pitman arm that would replace the Mark IX Burman box?

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I had a Burman box in my Mark X. It would not handle the modern radial tires. One of the studs blew out the top with enough force to dent the bonnet. Thankfully, the Mark X changed boxes and I was able to retrofit. I doubt there is a straight replacement for yours.

I had my box rebuilt by a company in Florida. They did a good job. I have referred two others on the list. I know one also had good results. The other had a Burman box, I mistakenly thought he had an Adwest. I’m not sure if he had them rebuild the Burman box. Maybe he will see your post.


Similar post as yours:

From Micha’s post

Thanks I will contact the links. wish there was an alternative, a box with the same splines.

Update. I sent the steering box to Steer and Gear Columbus OH. They said the piston was galled due to running out of oil and little pieces of metal thoughout. I need a rebuildable core. I searched and could not find any. Anyone have a Mark IX power steering box?

Hi Dana,

Well, that really sucks! Try calling Jack White out in Virginia at 540-743-4037… he specializes in used parts for the big saloons. Leave a voice-mail; he’s as low-tech as I am.

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Do the MKX Burman boxes fit ?..later Adwest ?

They come up occasionally

One time I swapped out an International steering box for a Toyota Landcruiser PS

The Pitman arm needs “re-broaching” in most cases (new splines cut), hard to find someone that can do it

Mounting holes have to be close, configuration similar, should be a very common box preferably, ie Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota


There was a long discussion about an alternative and resplining the pitman arm. I would be glad to replace a problematic part with something that will work.

You might try Jaguar Heaven in Stockton California which are a large Jaguar recycling yard. Also Welsh Jaguar in Ohio who I believe also deal in used parts.

Thanks, friends. Vintage Jag Works in Blackfoot Idaho, USA is going to take a shot at it. We will see. They have internals and just need a good case. I have a chipped worm gear and worn piston.

I’ve had Vintage Jag do a number of boxes for me, all good.

Don’t expect the system to ever be “water tight” however, they all leak or weep eventually, even on rebuilt units.

You know, it would seem like a good substitute might be found. Just a quick search turned up this:

I am temped to find the spline counts and input and output shaft sizes. The first picture is burmin for Mark 9. The second pic is Jeep Postal.
Jaguar is 36 teeth about 1 1/8" output, 48 teeth 3/4" input.

Check the various Jeep Pitman arms as well.

If you got lucky, it may be almost identical dimensions

re-broaching the Pitman arm splines is hard to find someone can do it

Some Jeep steering columns I have seen look very similar to Jags in the engine bay as well

I have Jeep XJ parts if you would like me to check

thanks, tony. I think I will see what Vintage Jag can do. There may come a day when no 60 year old parts can be found to keep these elegant rides on the road. Already I miss driving her.