Mark V Battery Mounting

Something that was missing from my Mark V when I bought it 50 years ago was the two C.2653 rubber blocks on the C.2650 steel channel Strap crossing in front of the battery to hold it in. The strap is about 1" wide and 3/8" deep inside, so I imagine the blocks were 1" wide and 1/2" thick and made of solid rubber, not Sorbo like the pads behind the battery (which I have). But what about length, does anyone have an original to measure for length?
BTW the length of the FS.105/D Set Screw securing Positive Battery Cable to Scuttle is 1/2", so the SPC should read FS.105/4D.

Hi Rob,

I’m pretty certain that I bought the rubber blocks from Worcester Classic Spares two years ago (when Simon was still alive). Beth might still have them?


Nope, not on their list. They are all out of windshield seals and rocker vent grommets too.

Cordell Newby? I’m really concerned that no one seems to know what has happened to him and Western Jaguar?