Mark V Boot Floor

I stripped my boot floor and liner panels, finding nothing but black and no primer incidentally, this is on a Gunmetal car. Even the backs of the liner panels that nobody sees were painted black.
The floor is an aluminum panel bent over on all four sides and nailed to a 3/8" baltic birch panel.
There is a strip of 1/2" beading across the rear edge nailed on the bottom.

My question for today is this: what holds in the chrome and rubber strips? They are in great condition so I’m thinking of leaving them in rather than taking a chance wrecking them getting them out.

They are held in ( at least on my car) by small screws through the back of the metal trim. If you gently unbend one end of the metal strip where it comes to a point, you can slide out the rubber strip. This should reveal them.

Ok thanks Jon, I’ll try it.

Jon’s suggestion is the best solution for removing the rubber strips which, incidentally, are available new from Barretts as a kit. I had the metal strips re-chromed then refitted with the self-tapping screws. A previous owner had just put down a panel of MDF for the floor which was terrible, and as you can see, too short. It’s now back to metal over marine ply. All the interior lining panels are black and held in place by self-taping screws with cup washers.





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