Mark V DHC in Large Barn Collection

Located in the Netherlands.

The auction is near the end of May.


Ooooo! @L.Lynn may see the SM, and attend!!!

Look at all these cars shoved into barns all over the world . Where do farmers keep their tractors, hay, and cows?

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Excellent. It looks like it’s been sitting there for a while. :slight_smile:

BTW what’s sitting next to it? A Bristol or what?


I think that’s the 1953 Lagonda drop head coupe?

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I see a couple of Corvairs, which over here we call Nadermobiles. :upside_down_face:
Are they “unsafe at any speed”, even when packed in a crowd? Zero is a speed.
There is a list on the web site of everything in the auction.

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What a fantastic discovery of 40’s on up of automotive archeology. Appearance of originality prevails. Hope there was a team of cats to keep the mice at bay.

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The swing axle ones were not terribly safe, but not entirely worse than any Porker, VW, or Spitfire.

By the 1965, when they uprated the rear suspension and other details, they weren’t that bad, but the reputational damage was done.

I still wouldn’t mind a '65 to '69 Corsa/Yenko in my collection: I still think it’s a really good looking car!


Thanks for the heads up, would love to visit the Netherlands but not in the cards this year. besides 2 SM’s * are enough for most people.

  • full disclosure-one is a parts car

Look to the right rear of the MKV and there is an XKE roadster.

Yes, along with the MkV, the other Jags or Jag products in the auction are the 4.2E, a MkII, a MkIX, a MkX, an XK150FHC, an XJS, an XJ8, a Daimler 250, Daimler Sovereign, Daimler Dart, and something called a Daimler Coupe, though that one may precede the Lyons purchase of Daimler.

The Corvairs are both the swing axle type, which were known to tuck under if you hit a curb on a turn at anything over 20mph and roll over, hence Ralphie’s aversion to them.

Yes, looks like a RHD 4.2 OTS


Its a little less poetic than explained: at my local classic car club we had a “lecture” on it. SOme club member will be attending the auction and preview -dont know when-. In case it is still in the future and i have tome to go i will join them.

Correcting myself: we will apparently be going with some fellow members of our car table to the viewing days. Will post pics in case allowed. I really like the Lagos…

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I believe member @Bob_K1 is based in the Netherlands, maybe he can pedal over on his bicycle or whatever and check things out, sounds like a good day out :grinning:

Yes Tony, the discovery of that collection was all over the news here. It’s a bit too far too take my bike but of course 60 mls is peanuts for Australian and US people. Btw, Lluis is living in the Netherlands as well and living even closer to the Auction.

Bob K.


That’s almost a round trip for me to the grocery store and back… :slight_smile:

My first car was a 1967 Corvair hardtop with a 2-speed automatic - shifter was a little lever on the dash. It was a great car, other than its 0-60 time and top speed. The most dangerous thing about it was the danger of getting run over from behind.


Hi Bob,

As said: we are going with a local club for the viewing days. A friend knows the owner of the collection (NOT the family Aaldering, who are running the auction). Although there is much truth in the statements, it is simply not true that the collection was unknown. It was indeed collected during many years from all over Europe and kept dry with the engines turning occasionally.