Mark V Fender Wing BD.813 Piping Beading Welting

The Mark V parts book Saloon Body section on page 75 says BD.813 Piping quantity (2) but does not give a length.
In the DHC section on page 115 it says it is 19 feet long for the front wings.
Page 116 has 2 more pieces for the rear wings.
But 19 feet is enough to do a front and a rear.
Could it be that the piping was one continuous piece from under the grille all the way to the tail of the rear wing under the bumper valence?
Do you think they pop-riveted it to the front wing valence before putting the wing on the body?

Hi Rob, following on your inquiry, I have just measured and reconciled with my purchase receipts that I purchased 3 lengths of mudguard rubber , (called piping in the parts book) of 2.5 for the rear wings and 1 piece of 7 meters for the front wings .
Very tricky, but started at rear of one front wing and along and under the radiator and to the rear of the other wing.
I used the wing bolts to hold the piping where appropriate and around the motor and radiator used nut and bolts and washers after using a single hole punch in the piping to align with the holes in the wings. Slow but achievable. I believe the one piece around the majority of the vehicle look better than a join under the middle of the radiator. Your finding of 19 feet (5.77m) would not in my view do the front only as I taped roughly 3.5 per front wing side to middle of the radiator. You could use one continues piece but more handling of length. I joined my piping were the front and rear wings / guards meet.
cheer Jeffery

Thanks for your response. I did not think of one continuous piece all around the front. What did you do about the front to rear joints? Did you put a short piece in there?

I think with mine the line workers must have pop riveted the piping on each front wing before putting it on the body. It would have been too difficult getting the pop rivet tool in around the wing supports afterwards with the engine and radiator in the way. I have 8 pop rivets on the left side and 11 on the right at the valences, though I think one was a mistake as it looks out of position and there is another very close to it. These 18 are located right at the edge of the upper valence panel. There are also 2 on each side lower down the wings where they are covered by the grille.
Each valence also has 3 pop rivets located not at the edge, which I think must have been for holding the valence in position on the wing before it was spot welded there.

Bonnet side panel BD.2884 Bracket Clips, I have 3 on the left and only 2 on the right, total 5 with 10 screws and nuts. I wonder why they would be different?
That total of 5 clips agrees with page 75 but not page 117 which says there were 4 clips with 8 screws and nuts. I wonder what was going on there? More of Jaguar’s inconsistency or a poorly recorded change?
Maybe the guys drilling the holes on the lefts and rights were working on opposite sides of the building and got different construction orders and never talked to each other. :grinning:

Hi Rob. My wings also have the 3 and 2 clips for the flat panel supports. To attach the pipping on the front wings, I used nut, lock washers and bolts of approx 4 mm dia, cannot remember the exact size with one less per side than your numbers.
Regarding the join of the front to rear piping, it was hard to find as I had only butted them together before tightening the bolts holding the guards on with the pipping join adjacent to the front to rear guard join.
The holes where probably not originally done on a jig but hand done to some arbitrary spacing. Plus the holes between the wings and the radiator that were extremely difficult to line up and consequently fit the pipping between.
I have after 30 years of ownership and 15 years of restoration just registered the vehicle with the majority of work done at home, a great learning experience in skills and patience! Now to drive it and sort out the no doubt umpteen minor issues! Some photos are one jag lovers site.

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Thanks, Jeffrey.
I am approaching 50 years ownership; in the first 3 years it was my only car and daily driver. The home restoration is, well…continuing. :grinning:

Yesterday I repaired the lower wing valences, which had developed cracks where there is a V-notch cut in the upper edge by the factory in order to form the bends. I welded the cracks and put a blob of weld at the apex of the V, which was a stress concentration, so they shouldn’t crack again. I painted them today, gloss black.

I have discovered a possible reason for the 1/4" bolts in the joint between the front wings. The 3/8" diameter holes in the chrome motif are too close to the upper edge, and so the 1-5/8" wide BD.542/2 oval washers for 5/16" bolts will not fit in there. They had to use the 3/4" wide BD.542/3 narrow oval washers with 1/4" holes, so thus used 1/4" bolts.
Evidence from one car anyway.