Mark V Fuel Tank Door

Here’s a tip that I want to record here for those who may follow.

Install the key lock mechanism without the spring clip first, so you can be sure it fits.
Tip: you have to put the key in and turn it 90 degrees to get the locking tab through.
Then test it to be sure your tumbler return spring is still in place.
Now go back and do it with the spring clip on.
I spent about an hour struggling with it, got it in, then discovered the return spring had pulled out of its hole, which is hidden in the back. So I’ll either live without the return spring or pull the thing out again just to fix that.

Next put in the little cover plate.

The springy roller that flips the door open can’t be assembled first and then installed, because the screws are under the shaft, so you have to put in the bracket and then assemble the rest of it.

The spring loaded catch on the door had paper shims under it to get it to the right height.