Mark V Headlight Chrome Spears

I had a delightful success today.
One of my original BD.2561 headlamp spears (motifs) had a broken off screw stuck in it. Stub was broken off flush with the post, too short to grab with any kind of tool. Pretty tiny to try a screw extractor tool. So I thought why not try the welder trick.
I welded a small blob on the end of the screw, then another small blob, then another. Just enough built up to grab with pliers.
The blob and the heat worked, it unscrewed and came out clean.

They’ll be off to the platers this week.

We have discussed these on the XK forum as they are also used on 120, 140 & 150. The originals measure 0.525" at the front corner. Reproductions I bought maybe 30 years ago measure 0.420" at the corner. It means there will be a noticeable difference where they meet the motifs on the headlight rings.
I suspect the repros were BD.9875 intended for Mark I & II, but I’m not sure.

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Hi Rob,

Worcester Classic Spares have BD2561 listed for 28.50GBP each. Might be worth asking them about the measurements? They will be made of brass and already chromed if they are the right measurements.