Mark V over heating

(Rob Reilly) #21

Harry’s command would probably be something like largitor mixtisque.
Hitting the engine with a wooden stick sounds like something my dad would try.

What are your collective opinions about running without a thermostat? That is what I found a PO had done with my '38 SS; the thermostat had been removed and a bolt and nut with large flat washers substituted, thus blocking off the bypass.

(Roger McWilliams) #22

To my experiences in southern California near sea level where it rarely is cold enough to need a heater, a blocked bypass allows running near normal engine temperatures and just takes a couple minutes longer to warm up the engine than if thermostat is functioning.

To my experiences in sub-freezing winter weather elsewhere, blocked bypass meant the radiator needed adjustable cardboard airflow blockage to bring engine up to temperature where heater could provide some comfort.

To my experiences in summer temperatures over 110 degrees F, blocked bypass was not an issue but being able to run heater full blast, windows down, for additional engine cooling above radiator capacity was needed when engine ran heavier load.

Your mileage may vary.

(Grant St Quentin) #23

Thanks All,

I have looked further into the distributor and find that there is a fair bit of movement on the rotor arm caused by a fine crack in the rotor. I have ordered a replacement and hope that this may finally put this to bed??!!



(Rob Reilly) #24

There have been some reports on the XK forum about poor quality reproduction rotors, the center tip coming off. As I recall the word did get back to the vendors, so maybe the situation has been resolved, I hope.