Mark V Rubber Hose from Brake Fluid Supply bottle?

Can anyone make recommendations for material (or supplier) for the H.1278/H Hose, Rubber between Supply Tank and Copper Pipe (Plate Item AZ.50)? Mine could use replenishing. I would benefit greatly from recommendations and photos of the assembly in place which show the various parts in that part of the line.

Hi Roger
The hose I used in the refurb’ of our cars brake system was Brake-equip Reservoir Hose, 5/16 ID, supplied by our local Brake and Clutch specialist about $30 Aus’ per metre, I understand the material used is EPDM whatever that may be.

5/16" ID fuel hose. Two little brass hose clamps with COLLIER stamped on them.

Copper 5/16" tube running over around the back of the engine under the spark plug wires, P-clipped to the scuttle on both sides.

Down to the LHD master cylinder.

Coincidentally; I came across a photo of a restored LHD Mark V and it has the reservoir on the left side of the scuttle.

Has anyone else ever seen that on a LHD Mark V?
I thought they were always on the right under the wiper motor same as RHD.

Unless someone corrects me, I’m inclined to think it was either an old owner modification, or a restorer’s ignorance.

EPDM is the acronym for ethylene propylene diene monomer, which of course is gobbledygook to us plebs. It is a synthetic rubber that has incredible resistance to heat, light, and chemical attack, so it is ideal for use in aggressive auto environments. It’s life in these conditions is many decades.

Thank you all for the collective words and photos.

EPDM tubing has been ordered from McMaster-Carr.

I will hunt in the bits pile to see if COLLIER clamps surface, they are not on the tubing presently.

The brake fluid line runs on my car as routed and with P-clips as in Rob’s photos of his car. All the metal tubing on my brake lines is steel, not copper.

The nitrile tube I had put in about 20 years ago had developed a seeping crack.

And I can’t recollect seeing a Mark V with the glass brake fluid supply bottle on the carb side of the engine bay. Maybe that is fine and uses less tubing, but it also seems like it would get in the way of some access, such as for distributor twiddle or clutch throw.

My tubing was also all originally steel, but I have converted the non-pressure line to copper and the pressure lines to cunifer. Stainless steel pistons too.

Well, I bought 2 feet of EPDM hose from McMaster, 5/16" ID x 5/8" OD. This stuff is for 200 psi high pressure air; it has two layers of fiber reinforcement inside.
The reservoir is of course at atmosphere, zero differential pressure.
I failed to check beforehand, but the original Collier hose clamps won’t go to 5/8", only 1/2". The old hose was 1/2" OD.
I only need 3 inches of hose, and probably only 2 inches would be enough.
These brass Collier clamps sure are neat looking, and in such a visible place.

I wonder if I can put it in the lathe and trim it down to 1/2" OD.
Or is that being obsessive compulsive on authentic originality. :grin:

Rob, I have a short piece (6.75”) of EPDM black hose from Summit Racing. The inside measurement is .3” and the outside measurement is .56”. It worked fine joining my XK120 low pressure metal brake pipes. But my hose clamps are Lockheed not Collier. I’ll mail it to you if you can use it.

Thanks Mike, I’ll take you up on that. See PM.

I tried turning down a piece in the lathe just to see what would happen, by pushing it onto a piece of 5/16 tube to chuck it up. No luck, those reinforcing fibers criss-cross all over inside, cutting away the outer rubber layer made it look all fuzzy, so by the time I got it down below the fuzz it was 7/16" diameter and the Collier clamps won’t work.