Mark V Saloon Door Mouldings and Handles

Here is something strange. I went to put the re-chromed front mouldings on. The SPC says there is a left and right.
Holding them up together, I can’t see any difference. I thought there might be a curve, but no, they are both straight.

Then I got out my exterior handles. They have a threaded stud on one end. On all four the threads are stripped for about half the length, so the nuts wouldn’t tighten.
Here is my solution. Threaded standoffs, 91125A334 from McMaster-Carr

Then short pieces of #10-32 threaded rod and nuts, with the original cup washers and internal star washers.

The fronts were not too bad, but the rears! I wouldn’t want to do this job all day every day.
I think at Foleshill they must have had a young woman with small hands on the assembly line doing these nuts and washers.


NIce work. I had to do something similar for the grill of my 150. One of the studs was broken off halfway. I turned a standoff nut down to fit the bonnet. Shop wanted $1000 to weld a new one and re-chrome.