Mark V Saloon Doors

(Rob Reilly) #1

Today I de-skinned two Mark V saloon right rear doors.

My original door was not rusty but had a huge dent with old plastic filler, and I tried but could not get it smoothed out to my liking.
I got another door from Russ B in Iowa, thanks to XK120 owner and forum member Mike B getting us in touch.
It has rustout on the inner panel but the outer is good.
The plan is to use the outside panel from one and the inside panel from the other.
There are braze joints at the top front and rear corners and window frame support and the lower front corner, and the top corners were then covered with lead.
Then it’s drilling out a lot of spot welds along the front edge and using a long thin chisel to separate them, and peeling up the fold a little bit around the curve. I made a tool for that, a bent-tip screwdriver.
I then held a block of wood against the inner panel to distribute the impact and gave it a few taps with a hammer and it slid out of the fold.