Mark V Saloon LHD Door Locks

My LHD saloon has the outside locking push-button handle on the right front, and an inside lock on the left front, which I have always found inconvenient. For many years I assumed it was a factory assembly line mistake. Page 65B of the Spare Parts Catalogue lists handles for early cars by Driver’s Side and Passenger’s Side, but I figured somebody typing this forgot that they were now making left handers.

A few years ago I discovered this in the Spare Parts Catalogue page 66 regarding a change in the safety catch design.
My car is 627933 with the later safety catches, so if I interpret this correctly, I was right in guessing an assembly line error, and I should have the outside lock on the left, and the inside safety catch on the right.

I am putting my door hardware in, and I figured now is the time to change the locks to the LHD configuration.
The outside push-buttons are easy enough to swap in the handles.

I thought I would be able to switch the inside safety catch parts over from the left lock to the right lock. The holes are already there.

But no, one press-formed part is left and right.

I need an opposite hand part.
I think I can either make one, or get one from a Mark V left rear door like this,

or possibly a Mark VII LF or LR.

So my question for today is this:
Do any of you with Mark V LHD saloons have the outside lock on the left and the inside lock on the right?
Does anyone know if the Mark VII latches are the same, or close enough that I could get this part from one?

Hi Rob, my LHD saloon 628166 has outside lock on left and inside lock on right. Would you like me to see what is available in my parts cache?

Thanks for the confirmation, Roger. Mine must be an assembly line error.
Yes, if you have a suitable RF or LR latch with the locking lever, I can do paypal.
Ironically last year I acquired a stash of Mark V doors and other parts, but the latches included were LF (without lever) and RR (broken).

Hi Rob, here are photos of what were in handy boxes. My read is these are for LF and RR.

On four old doors nearby, I have a LR on an old door, one screw is loose and the others need slow persuasion. The RF has been taken earlier.

My parts car probably has all four doors available, not sure if any will be of type you need. Probably will visit the parts car within a week.

Am I correct that I should keep going, the two in the photos here are not suitable?

Thanks Roger. Those are not suitable, they are LF and RR, what I have already.
I am hopeful about your LR and parts car. No hurry.
I have also learned that LR from Mark VII/VIII/IX may be useable as a parts donor if not a direct match. The Mark IX has child proof locks which I thought was interesting and advanced for that time period.

Hi Rob, here are photos of the right front keyless door latch mechanisms from my LHD parts car. Why don’t you send me an email with your comments and a list of related bits you would find useful if this suits your needs.

Thanks very much Roger. I have sent you a PM.