Mark V Station Wagon

I don’t know what it is about the Mark V, that it has suffered so many indignities, that it seems to attract the worst bodgers among the customizers.
Here’s another one, and it can be yours for only 3 times the market value.

I’m not sure of the origin of the tail gate, Jeepster maybe?
It does have a speedometer in Kilometers in case anyone wants to buy it just for that.
Trying to judge by the size of the front door, I wonder if it might have started out as a DHC?

It is only a two-door, so they would have to be DHC doors to enable access to the rear seat. Actually, I like it and it looks well done - I would prefer it to the saloon. Reading in kilometres and LHD, it could be a creation by a respected European coach builder. It looks similar to Bentley conversions of the era. It would be a good guess that it is the only one alive anywhere.

In the UK it would be called a ‘shooting brake’. Strange name, I wonder what the origin of that title is. ‘Shooting’ is no doubt a reference to the space for his lordship’s guns when out for a day to bag a few deer, but ‘brake’? Someone on our forum will know.

A little bit of googling returned this;
Shooting Brake is a pre-Victorian term that was originally applied to a small horse-drawn four-wheeled cart - a ‘brake’. It was used to ‘break-in’ and train horses for carriage or jinker duties.

Here is a brake.
And I had to look up “jinker”.
1 Australia : a contrivance like a cart having either two or four wheels and used especially for log and timber carrying. 2 Australia : a two-wheeled racing sulky.

And the term station wagon also goes back to the horse drawn wagons, which would wait at the train station to take arriving passengers and their luggage to the hotels.


It looks like it has a back seat now but perhaps it might have started out as a funeral hearse?