Mark V Velvet Strips on Doors

The Mark V Saloon Body Section lists these: BD.2700 front (2), BD.2701 rear (2), these are Velvet Strips Between Glass and Doors, and BD.2701/1 (4) Velvet Strips on Garnish Rails. The DHC has BD.2701/2 (4) on Each Side of Glass.

From what’s left of mine I would say they are like black velvet piping sewn with a strip of steel inside.
Has anyone found a source for this stuff?
I tried Worcester but no luck.

Perhaps look at Steele Rubber Products. They have several offerings, none specific to Jaguar. Some examples at Steele Rubber Products - Window Felts and Run Channels

And maybe Rubber the Right Way beltline weatherstrip such offerings surrounding

I made my own as faithful replicas. I found a suitable rubber section at the rubber place, then cut strips of half mm galv, and wrapped the assembly with black velour. I match drilled the galv strip for the tacking points. I glued the galv to the rubber then likewise the valour.

The bulb of the rubber is slightly larger than the original, but it was a bit misshapen with perishing. Works well, no draughts sneak past and loksas good as the original.

I omitted to say that mine is a Mk IV but the V could be similar.

You can try BAS JAGUAR TRIM, I bought the entire interior from this company.

Try woollies in the UK

Got mine from Woolies - under their “Window Seals and Weatherstrip” section:

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I found one original remaining on my interior wood trim piece in fair condition, good enough anyway to get an idea of what they were.

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