Mark V Wiring Clip Under Front Wing

I am missing some information, either lost it or failed to write it down when I disassembled the car.
There are long clips on the sidelight wiring harnesses under the front wings.
Where do they attach, which bolt and what direction?

The SPC says there are four.
Is that correct? I only have two.


I think my car only has two, one on each side, I’d need to go and check how they are attached, sorry it may take a few days as the car is parked in another garage now, not the one near where we live.


Update, four is correct.
I found my other two clips, they had fallen off the headlight harnesses, and were hiding like escaped criminals at the bottom of a cardboard box under all the other old wiring harnesses. They shouted, “You’ll never get us, copper!” but I collared them. They are now blasted, coated, and hanging in the yard.
It just remains, what to do with them?

Yes, there are four clips. Two are obscured in use at the top of the wheel well for side lights. Two are more visible half way down. You can see the lower and upper ones on the left hand side of my car in the attached photo. Neither of the side light clips have the wires running through them on my car. Let me know if you want a photo of the right hand side on my car.

Wonderful! Thanks Pekka and Roger. Isn’t this forum excellent!
I believe there is a mistake in the SPC where it says two are for Headlamp Cables. Going by Roger’s picture, it should be Foglamp Cables. That also explains why the four were bent at two different angles, 10 degree bend above and 70 degree bend below.
Here is how I have now done mine.

Also I installed the four Omega clips.
I also have one brass cable tie wrap, which I presume is original, and you can see in the second picture above.

I think the idea of this is to keep the wiring from flopping around and touching the tires.

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Yes, agree, this is what the internet is for! :smiley:

I remembered right and on my car on both sides these guide / keep the sidelight and directional indicator wires from being eaten by the front wheels if there were some serious pot holes.

Most of my wiring is non-original, but the wire guides / holders at the top look like they have never been removed or touched. The bottom ones may havw been there but are gone. Someone (not me) even added a ground wire for the LH fog lamp (but not right hand side) also note that there is a wire clip on the RH side wheel well on the inner wing (fender) but in the LH wheel well there is one on the vertical support for the LH wing (fender) as the wiring and the junction box is located differently.



I only seem to have one omega clip left. But I think those can be sourced. Nice thing that brass cable tie, probably not available from anywhere? Although not particularly difficult to make by laser cutting?

Looking at that photo of yours, that must be the horn relay hanging in there? It is mounted a bit higher up above the cables horizontally, right? And not sure if original (why not) but there is one cable clip on one of the lowest holes on the inner wing on mine.

I have almost all of the cable covers, but not the ones that were running on the RH side rail of the chassis. I can see the screw holes so I think I know where they should be. Shouldn’t be too complicated to remake those missing, I’ll probably first make them out of cardboard and then sheet metal.


Oops, yes the horn relay was hanging down loose when I shot that pic. It goes up and a bit to the rear. A few years ago we talked about the fact that I have 3 holes there and we concluded that 2 were for the earlier 33105 relay and mine has a 3rd hole added for the later 33116 relay.

I traced that brass cable tie on paper and I’ll cut one out of brass sheet tomorrow.

The chassis cable covers are a bit more than just straight cuts.
The rear has an up curl at the back to protect the wiring.

The front has to get around the suspension mount and brake line.

I also noticed in the SPC that there are supposed to be 9 omega clips.
I found the holes for 2 on the front of the engine mount brackets. They must be big ones to hold such a large harness bundle there.

Continuing on, I found I had left the old omega clips on my old harness to mark the places they go.

C.1543/2 is a 3/4" ID clip and goes into a hole in the front of the right hand engine mount bracket.

C.1543/4 is a 5/8" ID clip and goes into a hole in the front of the left hand engine mount bracket.

C.1543/6 is a 1/2" ID clip and I have four holding the side lamp cables to the wing stays.

Now comes the generator (dynamo) cable with a new conundrum.
Based on where it comes out of the main harness, my guess is that it should pass under the left hand engine mount rather than over it, then snake up to the generator.
My old generator cable has both a C.1543/6 1/2" omega clip and a p-clip with a 5/16" bolt hole, but there is no note of where they were attached. I can make several guesses of bolts where the p-clip could go. There is a hole in the wing valence where the omega clip could fit but the cable doesn’t reach that far. I can’t see any other hole where the omega clip could go.
Anybody have easy access to a Mark V to have a look see?