Mark X / 420G Manual Pedal Box

Hello from Australia,

Currently converting a Mark X to manual gearbox for use in regional Australia. Going by the registers, unusually most of the manual cars went to the US. So if anyone has wrecked a manual car or knows of a manual pedal box, then I would appreciate any help. Thankyou Paul

I am currently busy fabricating one myself as I could not find one anywhere, it seems to be quite scarce. I am using the base of another brake pedal box, and a series 1’s clutch pedal box at the top. The pedal arms need to bend as well to get the angle right.

Thanks Riaan, yes I think you are right. Modifying one from a jag or another vehicle seems to be the way it is mostly done.

Of course there are various racing type setups that could be used, as in this Mark 2:


Hi Paul (yet another Paul). The below is for a Mk2. I believe it to be the same as 420 and similar. In Mk2’s (at least) the full manual pedal box is fitted (with clutch position blanked off) but need to find at least pedal.

Picture below is my car with new pedals using its own pedal box.


Thanks Paul for this. As I do have a manual mk 2, I might try that pedal box. There is nothing to lose! Thanks for the tip. Regards Paul.

depending on whether you have a post '66 MKX…4.2, with Girling Supervac 100 Booster, then the S1-3 XJ complete pedal box, booster, master cyl is a direct bolt up, some minor mods for 3.8 MKX.

I have been told, but am not certain that a auto XJ pedal box can be modified to become a manual. I have a S2 XJ12 that has a manual installed

So many models at that time! I am deferring to Tony. If you need details on the XJ6 auto set up, let me know. Paul

Thankyou for this Tony. I do in fact have a genuine manual xj6 series 1 under resto, so will try this. Regards Paul.

Thanks Paul. No worries.

The series 1 XJ has a separate plinth for the clutch pedal / M cylinder Paul,
might be adaptable !
Peter B.

Yes, thanks Peter. It appears this one may bolt straight in. Regards Paul.

The problem I encountered is fitting the clutch master cilinder without it hitting the brake booster. I had to space it to change its angle.

Hi, i got a LHD Manual 420G and it looks like this from above the pedal boxes. Pedalboxes are separated by a few mm which is difficult to see in the picture. If you need more pictures or measurements I can check.image image

Thanks for this Svante. This is most helpful. Oddly there seems to be more manual 420g and Mark X in LHD, but it appears from your photos that a LHD pedal box will only suit a LHD car. Regards Paul.

I did this conversion years ago on my '63. I believe I found an NOS housing at one of the larger suppliers, might have been Manners.


Thanks Micah. Worth a try. Regards.