Mark X owner here. Please post a pic and description of yours?

I just got a 66 Mark X couple days ago. Ecstatic about it since it appears to be rust free one owner car.
Would love to see photos of other members Mark X’s or 420’s

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Can’t help. What colour is that one? Very nice. Paul.

Hi Paul, appears original but doesn’t seem like it is faded willow green. It was likely some sort of opalescent blue maybe. I contacted JDHT but they are backed up with the bat flu pandemic at the moment.

that is probably Light Blue, or Opalescent Light Blue…(I will later edit in a color reference from Thorleys MKVII-420G book)

the best place to see original color is open the boot, observe 2 covers screwed over the outer latch mechanisms…remove these and original, unfaded factory color will be there

here is mine, Jaguar Dark blue with grey seat and blue carperts

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These cars look absolutely stunning in darker colors. Your car is a beauty.

Very nice! I got a 1964 Mark X back in March! Been working these past few quarantine months to get mine back on the road! My paint is completely shot but was originally opalescent golden sand. I’m currently deciding between golden sand, maroon, or black for my respray. Seems like everyone I talk to has a different opinion! Whatever color I go with, it will be sharing the driveway with my signal red XJ-S. Even in it’s faded paint state I think the Mark X looks quite fine with its younger sibling!

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Very nice. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
I gave my lady 3 options. I photo shopped them together to see what she prefers.
She votes for green. May not be the most popular color but I’m going to wait to hear back from JDHT before I decide.

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There’s only one opinion that counts.

Your wife’s.


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…aaaand you’re waiting…why?

Seems the discussion is settled… :grimacing:

I really like that green actually! All are solid choices I’d say!

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Ha fair enough! No wife here yet but the girlfriend approved all 3 colors (and nixed a few other ideas before I narrowed to the 3)! She says no preference among the 3…supposedly haha!



Ahahahahaha yep Paul always right.
I do love some of those sixties colors.
The darker colors and opalescent colors are lovely too but unfortunately for me, I am neither mature or distinguished enough to pull off such classy colors.
So willow green it will be.


according to Thorley MKVII-420G The Complete Companion ( I advise you to obtain a copy),
for a '66, the color is likely to be Opalescent Silver Blue…with a grey or Dark Blue Interior…or less likely Sherwood Green, with a Suede Green, Light Tan or Cinnamon Interior

Willow Green is shown as a correct color from '68 420G, with suede green, beige, grey or cinnamon interior

Without seeing further pictures, I would advise proceed without haste on a re paint
They are BIG, and make a bare metal E-type look like a kids toy

If there is even the slightest chance it can be buffed and used as is in the meantime, I would consider that

I do like willow green as a color for these big cars

check out the jag saloons register…there is a very fine one in light blue

do they know about each other mate ?


When the XJ6 came out these things became obsolete overnight, despite still being in production. Jaguar offered various non standard and 2 tone colour options to try and make them more saleable. (Possibly at no extra cost).
I remember when the oil crisis came here in 1973, the prices plummeted. Some of them were only about 3 years old, and they were going for nothing!

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A senior jag enthusiast friend told me they only did 2-tone on the 420G and never did any dual paint schemes on the Mark X.
Can anyone confirm this?

Is this going to have a “theme,” along the lines of your other toys?

We will see hahahaha

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Oh good lord: I had NO IDEA this pathology ran so deep…:grimacing:

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