Mark X part pricing

yes, that’s my plan. A friend offered me some left over fiberglass matting, which I think will better conform to the curves than cloth, as you suggest. I’ll post something when I get it done.

What D-Type wheels? Are they another ad?

Ok, now that you guys have completely hijacked this thread and gone off the rails, I’m going to bring it back on track :grin:

I have listed the wood for sale. Please pass this on to anyone whom you may think is interested.
Original Mark X Interior Wood Set For Sale - Classifieds - Jag-lovers Forums

Off track again, Peter, I do have a set of D-Type wheels that I have not yet listed. I was trying to get in touch with Terry Larson to see if he was interested but have not been able to.

OK, you guys go crazy again with your fiberglass , :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wood has been sold.
“D-type” wheels - Sale pending.

The cleaning of the attic continues. This time, the Propeller Shaft Alignment Tool made by Shaw Aero Development Inc. It is a precision device and would be expensive to recreate.

I acquired this about 15 years ago from the owner of Dieter’s Foreign Car Service in Coos Bay, OR when he closed the shop down.

As per the service manual, it is important to correctly align the propeller shafts to avoid shutter.

I’m looking for opinions on a reasonable sale price. I will then list it in the classified section.


Alignment Tool.pdf (408.0 KB)

No opinions on a price for this obscure tool?


Thats a hard one, especially as shipping will be costly, and its possible to recreate one in timber I believe (but I could be wrong about that))

I know someone that has one, and he is elderly, I tried to convince him to donate it to the Jag Club (he is an ex-member, but has no more Jags…he was my original 420G guru, he had several as wedding cars and was a very handy mechanic and fabricator)

I would say the price on that should be “negotiable”