Mark1 wire wheels upgrade over drum brakes ...?

(Piotr) #1

Hi all,
Newbie here, about to fetch an automatic 3.4 saloon from US to Europe.
I’m wondering if this is doable - putting wire wheels over drum brakes …
I could buy & fetch wire wheels with the car, if reasonable.
I’m also considering replacing DG250 with a US T5 tranny … shipping combined :slight_smile:
Any suggestions ?

(Jeff Smith) #2

My Mk1 does not have wire wheels, but it does have a complete Mk2 front suspension, so you should he able to easily find something that will work. JS
Atlanta, GA USA

(Piotr) #3

I think I read one story about the wire-upgrade ending with major suspension changes, however I’d prefer to keep changes (and cost) to minimum.
I noticed there are flat bolt-on ‘hubs’ available for wire wheels, so I was considering this path.
But I’m worried of any physical incompatibilities like collisions (wrong ET for a drum ?).

(Piotr) #4

Really no one tried these on a Mk1 with drums ?

XK120 hubs

(Piotr) #5

Just one more self-reply - seems there ARE some non-center-locked bolt-on wire wheels for Mk1: