Massive price difference for two "similar" XK120!

Hello Guys. How do you explain the price difference at auction for these two XK120 FHC ??

I personally would have even preferred the “cheap one” as it has the very nice period bucket seats !

85’100 €


I must admit I had a very god look at the RM sothebys car ie the 122,000 euro car along with and for someone from Belgium and we looked at engine bay, interior and boot and was very impressed with overall quality. did not view underside of car. But what saw was good and no reason to think bottom would be bad.
I did see the second car at Bonhams but did not look at in detail but certainly photos show it not to be the same level of restoration

Pity “nice period bucket seats” are trimmed completely and totally incorrectly! and of course colour of trim is totally wrong for XK120
“cheap one” as it has the very nice period bucket seats !

The market placed a premium value on the more original car. The less expensive car has dozens of glaring inaccuracies. No doubt it’s a very nice driver, but it is modified, not restored.

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It’s interesting that two pastel green FHC’s came up for sale at the same time. I personally have never seen a 120 FHC in pastel green, but I like the color very much. It’s also interesting that both cars have the same type of push on beauty rings, not proper Rimbellishers. The more expensive car has some nice upgrades, pretty well hidden, and they do not detract from the original look of the car.

Even at the selling price of $133,500, the more expensive car is still a bargain considering today’s restoration cost, especially with the upgraded 5 speed transmission, front disc brakes, and aluminum radiator.

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679471 and 680421 are both on xkdata if you want to compare them.
I don’t believe pastel green metallic is right for 680421 body J2426, should be non-metallic. Red paint on original cylinder head also not correct.
Even 679471 has a wrong radiator cap, should be black under the bonnet, and the front is cranked down too low like it is taking a nose dive.

…tough crowd.



It takes two to drive prices up. The other millionaire stayed home that day.

Does anyone remember either of these offered on the open market? What were the asking prices?

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Both have been on the market before, and you can read about them on xkdata.
As investments, I prefer my mutual funds.
As fine art, the 120 FHC with spats can’t be beat.
Mine was also pastel green metallic with suede green interior. Seeing these makes me think I should take better care of mine.
As driving fun, mine is not afraid of rain and snow. :grin:


very serious and way too tough for me … i drove my 140 ots like rob in snow - all one long winter as my only vehicle and gf used to bring furs, one of the most memorable experiences of my dull life. perhaps similar to tweety ??

did i forget to mention what a great investment the 210 hp ( very nominal) is still worth the $ 1500. i paid