Matching Series 1 Engine & Gearbox

(Peter Crespin) #1

Refurbished genuine 65 E-type engine plus all ancillaries and original numbers matching gearbox from the same FHC. N.O.S. clutch on refaced flywheel.

New shells, springs, rings, valves, chains, tensioner etc. All still standard size. Block and head spotless inside after total descaling. Full set of ancillaries including new single-wire Delco alternator, good points dizzie (XJ electronic, plus amp, $50 extra). New oil filter, braided cam feed hose and new cam bearings. Wide blade rods and late short skirt pistons, new rod bolts etc. good exhaust manifolds but one, maybe two, studs will need replacing. Dipstick, gearbox breather, coil, rear transmission mount, gearstick etc. all included. Gearbox not rebuilt but appears fine. Later XJ harmonic balanced and front left timing pointer for easy strobing.

Regard the ancillaries as free extras and the engine as refurbished rather than a 10-15 grand rebuild with every surface milled, bored or ground to within an inch of its life after you’ve already paid for the engine.

A complete powertrain with no core required, for the price of a rebuild. Triple SUs extra, head already modified to allow 3.8 manifold option.


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