Measuring Toe-in

(Foggyoo) #1

Hi All, Specs for my xjs call for 1/16 to 1/8 toe in.
Is this measured at the wheel rim, or at the side of the tyre, or at the tread of the tyre.?

(Robert Wilkinson) #2

It’s at the tread of the tyre. Or the side of the tyre at a distance from the centre of the wheel that equals the distance of the tread. There are several ways to set it; I use a long straightedge held against the tyre.

(Ed Nantes) #3

We still had the old toe in gauge from Olympic Tyres testing facility, from when my dad ran it, It had a chain at each end and the ends were adustable in and out.on a sliding scale with measurements marked,
You put it between the front wheels at the front with the adjustable pieces pushed out till they touched the pronounce ridge that ran around the tyre about half way between rim and road, and this at a height where the ends of the chains just touch the road.
Then repeat at the back of the tyre and the scale will show the toe in, we work on 1/8” on ours but who knows with something that modern. The toe in is the final adjustment after caster, camber.

(Matt Furness) #4

I had this same issue a little while back and the feedback I got from Bernard Embdem was it is measured at the wheel rim. If it was specified as an angle then you are fine…but the linear dimension requires the diameter where the measurement is taken…so an important fact that seems to be in dispute…

(tony) #5

pro alignment shops attach a laser jig to the rims

(Karl) #6

I use a pair of 4’ levels. One on each side horizontal below the hub. Strapped to the tire with a pair of bungee cords each side. A 1/4" difference measured at the tread front to back will give you an 1/8 toe in…+/- if you want calculate the additional distance due the tire, you could maybe use 3/8", I can’t feel the difference driving.

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