Memory seat not working

I have a 1995 4ltr sovereign, was a lovely day so I will go for a drive but drivers seat was stuck in the exit position so as far away from pedals as possible, and not being very tall, I checked fuses F3 and F4 in the left hand heel board, visibly they are ok but when tested there was no power going to them, the lumbar inflates and deflates but I think that is separate from all the other positions, so there is no movement at all and no clicking when I try this, I tried disconnecting the battery for an hour but didn’t work, my first question is there a relay that may not be working so no power, my other question is it possible to move the chair manually so I can drive it to a garage, any help welcome please

No way that I can think of to easily move the seat. Sounds like a case of a pillow between you and the seat back.
I can remember a shot of Scott Dixon racing a Nissan Sentra when he was about 15, he rolled the car entering the back straight on Pukekohe many years ago. When he exited the car he had a pillow actually strapped to his torso.

It seems the seat ECU does all the power managment for the seat motors, so if they’re not moving and have no power, I’m guessing the seat ECU either isn’t fully powerd (as you also control the lumbar pump through it) or it has a defect. But I’d start at the varous power inputs to the ECU in case one is dead.

Take note of what other systems would be dead due to a fuse, or a relay supplying a group of fuses.

Power Inputs:
15/1 Octogon: Ignition Switched Ground: (Probabably NOT the problem)
21 Square: Fused Battery Power: LH Heelboard FBox 5A #6 (and it’s grouping)
25 Square: Fused Battery Power: RH Heelboard FBox 20A #3
26 Square: Fused Battery Power: RH Heelboard FBox 20A #4
58 Square: Fused Battery Power: RH Heelboard FBox 25A #9 (and it’s grouping)
15/II Round: Ignition Switched Power: RH Heelboard FBox 10A #12

Ignition Switched Ground (unlikely the issue)

Fused Battery:

Ignition Switched Power:

~Paul K.

Haha thank you but it works

Thank you for your help

Thank you I appreciate it

I had a similar issue. Do you have memory seats? Is there a memory and 1 2 3 button next to the wing mirror adjustment joystick?

If there is then it could be that the little wheel that moves to tell the computer where the seat is has broken. So the computer thinks the seat is fully forward so when you are trying to move it then it won’t go forward. In fact your seat is fully back and so even though the computer lets the seat move back it can’t because it reached the end of its travel.

To test, with the door open and the ignition on press the memory button. If the red light illuminates then the computer is awake and receiving signal to stop the seat moving.

Thank you, the car is in the body shop at the moment I will try when I get it back, thanks for the reply

TSBs we got when I worked at the dealer.

15-21 Seat Memory Functions – Inoperative.pdf (20.8 KB)
15-23 Power Seat Fuses – Blow.pdf (15.3 KB)
15-50 Front Seat Memory – Potentiometers.pdf (69.4 KB)

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Thank you for your help

You should find and read ALL TSBs pertaining to your Jaguar.

When I was at the dealer, we were issued them on a regular basis (paper form and then .pdf in the 2000s) and were admonished if we called Jaguar Technical Hotline with a question already addressed in a TSB.

They would reference the TSB and then tell us (sort of politely) to call back if we did not understand the document.

Repeated calls for info about issues already addressed would get your dealership a call about mechanics not getting enough training!!!

If EVERYONE read and understood ALL the TSBs related to their Jaguars, I am guessing that the forum would ‘slow-to-a-crawl’ regarding info except ‘friendly banter’?

I sent Gus a lot of info and I get info from this site that I don’t have!!!