Message didn't send or ..?

I composed a Message to another user earlier today but now I can’t find it.

I don’t think I cancelled it.

Nothing in the Drafts folder from what I can see.

Any thoughts?

Try sending another and see if the same thing happens.

Thanks for that simple advice. Once I knew to follow what I was doing I was able to work out the mistake I was making. .

Crisis averted.


I had the same issue recently, but the sender did receive the message, but it never showed on my list, he confirmed via the topic “on forum”

On a slightly different note, and for use on J-L (or other circs) where you compose some long-winded statement.

I have learned the hard way, that it pays to save a draft in MS notepad first, as various issues can cause your message to not send including being timed our, some technical issue, a mistake by yourself, and various other infuriating unknown reasons…if you have saved it to notepad, crisis averted, if not start again, or abandon


Sensible advice.

I use to be more organised but I’ve developed a devil may care attitude to everything digital.

If it works … great!! It’s almost like winning the lottery. :smile:

For what it’s worth, we recently (1-2 weeks) updated the Forum software to the latest release. The Release Notes for this version specifically mention “Easier Access to Reply Drafts and Topic Draft” as one of the major improvements.

“This is particularly convenient if you want to start a reply on your mobile device, and then finish it later on your desktop or laptop where you have access to a real keyboard :keyboard:. When you close the composer, you’ll now get a more explicit prompt to save your reply as a draft to remind you that you can always come back to it later.”