Metal tube under rear bumper

Can anyone tell me what the metal tube below the rear bumper and above the rear license plate on my 69 FHC is for?

Thanks Andy

I think it’s the drain for the trough around the rear hatch

Yes th3e bottom of the drain for the channel the boot hatch gasket fits in. The green arrow is pointing to it in the below picture.

Thanks guys, the drain hole in the hatch channel is covered by the rubber seal so I couldn’t see it. It looks like that’s where the 2 ends of the rubber seal should meet.
BTW John, where did you buy you fuel hoses in the wheel well? They look great.

Thanks Andy

I made a small vee notch, on the outside of the lower seal edge, to allow water drainage.

Thanks, SNG Barratt.

Yes, that’s the way to do it.