Metalwork progress

Starting to make some headway now with the substructure.

Taking the ‘worst side first’ approach, I have cut out the rot in the NS door hinge frame and fabricated new channels to replace the rusty areas. Jag used pop rivets to hold the angles in these, so I’ve copied that. Also made up a new captive nut plate for the wing closing panel, which takes the upper captive nut holes as datum. This lot should be in place properly in the next day or two, then I can sort the (much less rusty) other side before tidying up the toeboards. I’m converting to RHD, but I plan to leave all holes, captive plates etc. in position for LHD for ease of conversion back again should this ever become necessary.

Note in the lower hinge frame panel (topmost in the photo) - drain holes!! Thanks for not bothering to drill any, Jaguar…

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While it is upside down don’t forget the lower column mount as I did . It is hard to get to when it is the tight way up .

Hi Jim, do you mean the two little right angle brackets up under the dash on the inside of the bulkhead? I’ve already got those in hand, but thanks for the advice! Any further pointers gratefully received, it’s easy to forget something or not notice it.

Lower section of NS hinge mounting frame now welded in place. I’ve run a weld along the folded edge sections too, to give a bit more rigidity. This whole frame is made of 20ga (0.9mm) steel, which I think is a bit on the flimsy side for supporting the weight of DHC doors (steel skins, wind-up glass etc.). Has anyone triangulated these frames, or done anything to make them stronger and less prone to distortion? Or just leave stock…

Yes those brackets. I don’t know about yours , but the hole where the column exits the bulkhead is about 10mm lower on the right side , so I needed longer brackets .