MGB@UVVM.UVIC.CA: Re: [concours] Re: Concours Digest V1 #57

Thanks - You’re exactly right …

I won over a some and a Much newer convertible for wheels, steering
wheel, etc… They were really Beautiful but Huge/Enormous points WERE
taken away and then “I” felt bad And surprised - I was just there to
support my club.

But then I’d pu in a whole shitpot of time/effort in mine too.

My score was a 9.985. We MUST have Very Similarly conditioned Jaguars
… !!!

I’m entering mine again this coming Sept. 18-20, 1998. There’ll also be
a Slalom on Sunday on a wide open airport course @ Brooks AFB, Texas.

Come one - Come all. If you want more info - lemme know.

The above was NOT my original Intent with this posting … just kinda
evolved and I got carried away!

Jim Wood - San Antonio, Texas
1989 XJ-S Red HE V-12 Coupe
First Place “Driven” / S. A. Jaguar Club’s Annual
“Alamo City Concours d’ Elegance” 1997
Fax: 210-826-1553 - @james_e_wood_jr********
About the driven class: I have participated in the Driven Class three
times (with three “first in class” awards). My experience is that the
championship and driven classes are judged in EXACTLY the same manner and
in the same detail, except that the engine compartment and boot are not

There is no sheet for originality. This is part of the normal score
sheet. The scores are allotted in the same way as the championship
scores, but then divided so the total is out of 10 not 100. My last score
was 9.976 for example. As in the championship class, everything
must be authentically Jaguar. Those trick wheels would mean a big loss of
points, and indicate that your car should be judged in the “modified”
category. Above all, cleanliness and care in preparation are vital.

                             Gregory Andrachuk
                             Victoria, Canada
                             82 xj6 (class D6)
                             84 xj6 Sovereign (class D6)

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