Mickey Thompson Sportsman

Anyone ever try Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T?

Still deciding on what tires to replace the Pirelli P4000 on my xj6.

I think I’ve read over most of the posts on here regarding tires. No mention of the Mickey’s. They seem to be more performance oriented than a lot of our available options in 215/70r15.

Why wouldn’t you go with the 235/60-15’s? That size was OEM on later XJ-S’s.

Made by Cooper Tires: generally decent tires.

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i just put BF Goodrich radial TA on my 71 xj6.
225/70r15. fit is good.
i shopped by lowest treadwear to get the stickiest tire i could. the smaller 205/70r15’s that were on it weren’t sticky enough.
will 235s fit without rolling the fender?
would like a drag radial, but i didn’t want to go 50 series and lower the rear any further.

I haven’t looked too much at that size. I was mainly browsing 205/70 and 215/70 because if I were to enter the car into a show those are the two factory specified sizes.

I’m not seeing a ton of additional options in 235/60. What would be your preference? I’m not really interested in coughing up enough for XWX out anything like that. Seems like Michelin Defender is the highest speed rating (H) of the widely available tires.

I was looking at the BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport thanks for pointing out the Radial T/A.

what are your plans for the car? track days? spirited driving?

More grand touring with the wife, spirited driving without. No plans for track use.

My preference would be the 235/60-15, yes. In fact, it was; that’s what I put on my '83 when the 215/70’s needed replacing.

i suspect this size was on your xjs?
will a 235/60-15 fit the xj6?
the OP has an xj6, but don’t know what series

Should fit the saloon better, I suspect. While the suspensions are alike, the saloons went to 7" wide wheels while the XJ-S stayed with 6.5" wide, perhaps because the front anti-roll bar is thicker on the XJ-S. Whether or not the fenders are an issue, I dunno.