Mike Eck Jaguar Clock Repair

I am sorry, but no one answered about the topic of the tread that I started, but instead used the clock repair title for another discussion. So I have changed the title to try to get a response for my problem.

The phone number (906) -307-0246 for Jaguar Clock no longer works.
Is Mike Eck no longer in this business?

Since this is a general question, should I also post it in another section of this Forum?

I found it difficult to get Mike to call me back: his work is impeccable, but all I can say is keep trying.

@Mike_Eck, you around?

I thought I remembered seeing this.


May 31

Sorry for not chiming in earlier but I am in the process of moving, which will probably take most of a year, and I don’t get to use my computer as often as I would like.

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Thanks for the replies Paul and Jerry.

When I tried to phone the number I listed, I got a message saying that it was no longer in service.

How about using contact info services like this one?
(I’m not from USA, maybe you have even better services available)


When I go to this web site


and go to this page

Shipping/Ordering Info

and click on this email address at the bottom of the page


nothing happens.

I dealt with Mike back in April when he fixed a Smiths clock for me. I had success reaching him at this email addy: compudes@optonline.net

He does nice work and turn around time was about 2 weeks. Good luck with this. :sunglasses:

Mike Eck responded to the other thread that I started and gave his email as


I emailed him a week ago but as yet have got no response.

Does he often take more than a week to respond to an email?