Milestone- On the Tires after 25+ Years!

A big milestone today on the 63 FHC project. I landed the car on its tires/wheels. I acquired the car in boxes in 2002 so it has been at least 25 years since the car was on its tires!

That groaning noise is the lift, not the spirits of Etypes past complaining!

I am reasonably happy with the initial stance. It of course needs some break-in miles to get the suspension settled. And in these pictures, I am on 185-15 tires. My final configuration will be with 6.40x15 bias ply tires.


That’s going to be one good looking car. Great shut lines and straight reflections .
Interior color?

I love the shine!!!
Clearcoat was a brilliant invention

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Interior color- known in the day as Light Tan. I’d call it Pumpkin, personally!


But let me ask.
What is the correct finish for the metal part of the steering wheel?
Mine is sanded roughly radially
69 OTS

For your 1969 car the spokes were brushed aluminum. For all cars 1967 and earlier they were polished aluminum. In 1968 the Feds thought that the reflections off the spokes would blind the driver… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I polished the spokes on my '68 and have yet to be blinded.

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Mine are what you called “Brushed”


Unless at some shindig, I put painter’s tape on my spokes, because I invariably got blinded by the damn things!

You either do a lot of driving with the sun directly behind you or your stature puts you at a bad angle :rofl: :scream:

Ahh pumpkin , just in time for Thanksgiving.

I had radials on my XKE after restoring. Decided to go for the points and put on 6.40x15 bias ply tires. Ruined the handling and ride quality of the car compared to radials. It will turn your car into a show piece and you won’t drive it as much.

Yep. Understand. Going for the points for now.

If you have all 5 wheels with the 185-15 tires, no points will be deducted unless they are redlines.

Congratulations, Harvey! It looks to be ready in time for Little Switzerland.

Well I’ve never heard that before thanks for that thought it was just different , Can you guys expand

Good for you Harvey it’s better than new your a real CRAFTSMAN and you did it all

I had the same situation on my Corvette. It had a brand new set of Goldline Bias Ply tires when I bought it. Drove and handled horrible. Slow steering response, followed lines in road and felt like it was wallowing on corners. Switched to radials shortly after and car now drives great. Alignment has a big effect. Car was on spec for Bias Ply tires and I modified for radials. Radials like a bit of negative camber, Bias plys like positive. Also dialed in more castor for better straight line stability.

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Beautiful work and gorgeous color… another lucky car that gets back on the road!


On that subject what, in your opinion is the optimal amount of caster in a Series II with 205/70 radials?

Great work Harvey, looks fantastic!. JS