Mini high torque starter motor failure

Please let me know what you think about this starter. I am going to buy a new one under the assumption that the solenoid has failed after 10 years. I don’t want to get stranded. Eventually it would engage the engine but that takes many pushes on the starter button.

Loveland, CO USA

Strip it down and see if the brushes are toast/worn out.

Almost certainly toast,

I went thru a long-winded exercise off swapping various used and rebuilt factory reduction starters on my Jeep Cherokee XJ’s.

The short story is they worked perfectly when removed and tested under no load, but failed completely when installed. I proved almost conclusively this was due to failure of the solenoid to pass full current…(they would work in situ if all 3 terminals bridged with ring spanner)

As above answer, they can be dismantled and brushes checked and replaced.

When I did this with one of my spares, which was “rebuilt”,
I found the rebuilder had used inferior brushes, and one of the brush retaining springs had snapped, rendering that faulty as well, swapped factory spring out of dud

did about 4 or 5 SM swaps and dismantles over that little episode

Good news is I had all needed spares, all going now, and a SM R&R on a lifted Jeep is a snack, not so much on stock height

Jaguar starters take two people and one of them as you noted has to lie across the top of the engine to hold the top bolt while the other mechanic turns the bolt through that wee little access hole. Those worthless three screws had minimal cuts in them for the screwdriver so I am going to replace them with hex headed metal screws.

I will also replace the battery cables as they may be internally corroded.


Brush set (usually with holder plate) is a replacaeable part in every starter motor and it’s the first suspect here.

Yes Gerard the weak spot with these Nippon Denso’s are the copper contacts that the solenoid joins, are you aware that there are inexpensive kits available that are an easy fit.
Cleaning the contacts might effect a cure.
Peter B.

Who sells these kits as I will take a gander at rebuilding my old one for a standby unit.


Gerard, key in “nippon denso starter soleniod repair kit”.
Amazon list some.
Peter B