Missing ignition amplifier Which amp part number is for 1987?

Purchased 1987 XJ6 w/54xxx mile on it. Been in storage for the last 15 years. Built 1/87. Had no ignition amplifier. Upon searching, found there are discrepancies in what amp is for 87. Some amp suppliers indicate no preference. Others have a specific change after 85. Any suggestions.


Per my Jaguar Parts Catalogue for the Series III XJ6 the correct part number for the ignition amplifier is DAC3848. Jaguar introduced an entirely new model of the XJ6 in the late 1980s often referred to as the XJ40. I wonder if that is where the confusion is with the suppliers. The XJ40 came to the USA in 1988 but earlier in other parts of the world.


Look at the headlamps on your car, James; if there is a single square one on each side; you have a xj40 - the S3 had two round headlamps on each side. The transition year was 86/87, but some national differences in identifying ‘model year’ may cause confusion - as Paul says…

The ign amp on the S3 is also known as the ‘AB14’ igniter, triggered from the distributor. The xj40 use a different system - triggered from a crankshaft pickup, I ‘think’.

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

The car is a Series III. I have found there are two ‘AB14’ igniters listed for the Series III, with the change occurring around 1985. The DAC3848 is the, after 85 model. So, I think I will go with that one. Thanks for the responses. Appreciate it.


I have two Jaguar Series III XJ6 parts catalogues, one for my home office dated 1995 and another one dated 1986 to use when I am out in my garage. I was in my office when I replied to your post with the DAC3848 part number from my parts catalogue dated 1995. I just checked the parts catalogue dated 1986 out in my garage and found that the ignition amplifier was listed as part number DAC2087. I have no idea what drove the part number change but it is clear that there were two different Jaguar part numbers for the Lucas ignition amplifiers used in the Series III XJ6. This was a bit of a surprise to me since I had both a 1984 and 1987 Series III XJ6 and didn’t think twice about swapping components like the ignition amplifier between those two cars. So it appears that your parts suppliers were correct about the two part numbers.


Vague memory disclosure, as usual, but I think the revised amplifier/part number change coincides with the standardization of the tin-covered ballast resistor at VIN 421xxx, or thereabouts, which would’ve been towards the end of (USA) 1985 model year