Missing radio solution?

I know that an E-type with its original radio is the best option but, assuming the original radio is gone (and exact replacement hard to find), which of these two other options do you think is most acceptable, and how do you think either of these affects sale/value? Or are radios a non-issue?

A. A modern ‘Retro’ radio
B. A matching blanking plate

Retro radios aren’t expensive assuming you have speakers. Original blanking plates are hard to find. It can certainly be fashioned but it depends what your time is worth. I doubt either option has much affect on perceived value.

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The blanking plate - chrome section is BD17354, and upholstered section BD20722 are available from SNG USA for $41 and $11.00 respectively. They are the same in Ser I and II cars. Unless you are entering JCNA concours radios are as Erica says a non issue, as they are easily removed/changed. Doubt if you’d want to listen to one of the old radios anyway - certainly not with older speakers.


If you go with any radio I can recommend the electrotech 6 inch speakers at turnswitch.com. Others in this forum have recommended as well. They have small but powerful neodymium magnets which are less likely to interfere with your radio. I’m making my own blanking plate (vinyl covered) since my radio is out in repair now.

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Blanking plate and hidden receiver, everything runs of your phone nowadays. Not sure what you budget is or sound goals are.

I built a new console to hold a double din stereo, I would have probably stuck with the original console with blanking plate and hid everything else.

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I’d highly recommend Retrosound (Hermosa w/bluetooth) and new speakers that can drop right in with original grilles.


I have a few old cars from the 60’s. They all have original spec radios.

They are all completely useless, so this is my solution.

I have a Bose Mini re-chargable portable Bluetooth speaker that you can place anywhere in the interior .

The sound quality is excellent and it plays anything your phone wants it to, with 10 hours of battery life between usb charges. So I haven’t even bothered to wire it in.

As I can only drive one car at a time, I move it around between cars. Job done!

In fact the last E type radio I purchased was from 1965 from Ebay for £20. It was a Pye unit that was advertised as not working. Perfect, as I never intended to try and get it working. It fills the hole perfectly.

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Thanks for the photos. Very helpful.

Many thanks. I like your thinking.

The Blaupunkt AM FM stereo in my '68 still sounds pretty good to me even though I never listen to it while driving. I do turn it on in the garage while working though. It is wired direct to the battery. If my car had no radio originally or I did not know for sure I would go with the blanking plate. I often see period Blaupunkts on ebay some very expensive and some reasonable. Maybe shop around on what it would cost to have a low cost one retrofitted with new technology for what you want to play ?? This one looks pretty similar to my original Blaupunkt.

68 E-type FHC

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I also put in a Blaupunkt of the period. It is very low wattage - about 5, so I wired it to an amplifier that sits behind the passenger seat. The amp drives 4 speakers. It is mono but I don’t notice!

Dennis 69 OTS

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Over board…, I know… but to each his own. 1000 watts of crisp sound.


Looks very cool to me, beautiful job!!

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Funniest thing Ive read in awhile!

I’m blown away! Fabulous.

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Hi Philip I also went the Retrosound way as well and love it. The radio looks stock and has all the functionality of a modern system including bluetooth and a USB port that I installed in the center console. The copper bar supporting the rear of the radio is from a toilet bowl float.

That looks fabulous. I’m going to go that route as well. Thanks for the photos.

You’ll be glad you did. Look at all the faceplate and knob options to decide which is best for you.

Thanks Andy, nice job. Great photos, very helpful.

Greetings Jaguar Buddies,

Has anyone gone the route of having a proper non-working original radio modified with modern AM/FM/SAT/AUX/Preout electronics? This seems perfect for my needs as it looks 100% original from the exterior and should deliver reasonable sound and functionality?

I stumbled across this place in my searches. Check out the video if you have a minute. I think this looks intriguing.


Any other places come immediately to mind that do this whom folks have had good experience with?


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