Mixing brands, front and rear shocks

When I rebuilt the rear end some years ago in my restoration, I used Boge shocks. Not sure why, probably because they were cheaper. I got distracted by another resto, so now, 10 years later, I am working the front and bought a pair of SPAX. The four Boges cost the same as one Spax, but I guess at this point in the restoration I don’t care about money anymore. So will mixing the front SPAX and rear Boges have nasty consequences? I could buy Boges at Terrys if I need to. I just want to be sure everything will work well and be safe.

John North
S1 Roadster

I’m sure it will be fine.

I have had front Konis on one car, Spax on another with Boges on the back with no problem. I’m not even sure what I have on the other 2…

The car doesn’t care what brand of damper you have, just that the damping rate is appropriate, front and rear.

When I was way into classic Minis about 20 years ago, Spax had a reputation with those “in the know” for taking wild stabs at their damping rates, and having a pretty narrow window of adjustability. I understand they’ve got much better in recent years, but I’d start with them on their softest setting, and if they feel stiff compared to the rear, you might want to consider another brand.

For what it’s worth, I have Spax strut inserts on the front of one of my Cortinas, and they are fine. I also have Konis on the rear :shushing_face:

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I agree with what Andrew and Ben have shared.

Also John, you may wanna check Terry’s again - I don’t think Boge front or rear shocks are available anymore, at least not for S1 and S2 E’s. I’ve been looking for a set of front ones for my S1.5 and coming up empty!

Rob, I just searched on C20011 on Terry’s and this is what came up



And if you click on the Boge shock that comes up, you get this. Let me know if you find some though - as I said, I’m in the market!

Any real differences in quality? I’m replacing all the shocks and GAZ are substantially less expensive than SPAX.

It’s hard to know. Gaz seem to be a well reputed brand and I have them on a couple of my cars.

I’ve used just about them all over 50 years, multiple E Types, racing and slaloms etc. The best I think are Spaxx adjustable but I’ve had mine for 25 years and can’t obviously comment on any changes made to them since then. They just seem to work better. They need better bushings than they used (again 25 years ago) - I replaced the stock bushings which had completely deformed 5 years ago with poly from an aftermarket source.

I don’t care for Gaz - two things - the fronts are real wimpy in size, and I’ve long been told that size matters in shocks, but the backs are ok -bigger than the front even though there are 4 in the back. Causes me to believe the fronts are an afterthought to the company. Also mine came plated and have corroded badly - bimetallic action it seems.

When I bought my fhc 5 years ago. It came with Koni Classics - a black painted shock, on the front. They are very impressive - adjustable by the usual Koni method (at least doable on the front as opposed to the rear). Years ago I put orange Koni’s on my '68 ots, front and back, but they were unacceptably hard at the softest settings. That’s an experience others have reported.

So today my coupe has Classic Koni’s up front and Spaxx in the back., and my 68 ots has Spaxx up front and Gaz in the back. I autocross the 68 and the Gaz are easier to adjust than the Spaax - that’s why they are there.

Whatever you buy you need to make sure the rear shocks when fully extended are at least the length of the stock Jaguar shocks.


I first replaced my rear Konis with Gaz because I wanted the adjustable perch, and for several years I drove with the front Konis on. I finally swapped them too just because they were harsh feeling and a pain to adjust because they have to be removed to do so. You can only tell by driving it, if yours feel “balanced” or not.