Mk 2 3.8 engine cuts out

Hi I just purchased a Mk 2 3.8 man and the car has cut out a few times. Starts rough until the choke comes off then runs perfectly for a Few minutes only to run rough loose power and stop. Have cleaned the petrol filter. Checked the fuel pump.
Does anyone have any thoughts?

What pressure and flow is the pump producing, and how old is the fuel in the tank?

Hi Andrew,

Just filled the tank and need to check pressure of the pump. I can hear the pump clicking Over however need to test the pressure.

Did you clean the petrol filter in the tank? A bit of a job to get to but it could easily be plugged up with years of gunk.

they sure do, if the vehicle is a new acquisition for the OP, especially if its been sitting,
draining the tank is almost mandatory, the fine gauze mesh filter can be blocked or damaged.

The OP should also check the wiring, tuning & operation of electric choke,
from his description; the vehicle should not “start rough until the choke comes off”

Tony knows and I suppose all of us do, that’s its a never ending battle to find all of the nuances with these beautiful cars. Once resolved the payoff is enormous!


Thanks for all your comments.Turns out the SU Carbs needed attention so a rebuild kit was carried out and now running well. The cards were running too rich and flooding hence the car cutting out.