Mk 2 Auto Transmission Fluid Level

I am in the process of re-commissioning my Mk2 after COVID when it was not used for well over 2 years. I am suspecting the car had been over filled with auto transmission fluid before it was put into hibernation. There is an auto transmission fluid Dip-stick and I can check the fluid level from it. But it appears to give me crazy readings as the dipstick is several feet long and the fluid level does not get marked in a very pointed fashion.
I am also following instructions from the web and have followed them when checking the fluid level, running through the gears when the oil is hot and checking the level while the lever is in the Neutral position.
The readings I get from the dipstick after all this is not very clear. It may be that the oil -level is not getting marked on the dipstick correctly as the transmission is over-filled.

I thought the best would be to drain and refill the entire transmission. I am told in this case a certain amount of transmission fluid is left in the torque converter and we need to take that in to account when refilling the system.
Can anyone give me some guidance on this?
The manual states that the entire system holds about 8.5 litres.
On a drain and re-fill operation how much fluid will the transmission take considering the fluid that remains in the torque converter. All info will be greatly appreciated.

If this is a DG250 there is a drain plug on the Torq converter.
Late versions used a BW8.
The oil should be ATF-A or ATF-F, both work fine.
Never use dexron, as this is to slippery for these old boxes.
Level should be checked with a running engine in D(rive).

Make sure you have a mate hold the brakes on, or securely chock the wheels for that check!

Thanks guys, Greatly appreciate the info. My box is a DG250. I will try to locate the torque converter drain plug and drain that too.
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Sorry to hijack your thread Rajeeva, but a question for Peter Jan Rusch.
At my last DG250 Service they replaced my fluid with Valvoline DEX 111
Can you confirm this is suitable, as I’m concerned now that DEX is Dexron.

I can’t find your suggested auto trans oils with the ATF-A or F ratings, Google wants to correct it to ATF-4?
Can you shed more light on the identity of these suggested fluid ratings please.

Also my Jaguar maintenance manual states to check the fluid whilst in Low not Drive.
Would this make any difference Peter?


In the long run Dexron will be a problem, it is to slippery for the old clutches.
Keep in mind when these were new they used whale oil!

Take a look at.
Oil for Jaguar (EU) Mark 2 / 240/340 MK2 3.4 (1959-1967). Which oil is the best? Professional lubrication advice - Kroon-Oil

Low or Drive to check levels there is no difference.

Thanks Peter

We use Castrol TQF, a mineral replacement from the original specified.

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OK, thanks Tigger