MK 2 Crankshaft trigger wheel

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Just wondered if anyone has mounted a crankshaft trigger wheel to a standard Mk2 crankshaft damper? and if so what bracket are they using for the pick up. some photos would be much appreciated.
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Phil D.

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Phil – see this post: Ray’s EDIS and AC kit on a '64 3.8 S1

I did this on my Mk2 but mounted the trigger wheel on the backside of the crank pulley. I made a custom mount for the sensor (shown in the attached link) out of scrap aluminum. It’s mounted to a couple spare threaded holes on the left side of the block. In theory I can change the belt without removing the sensor. In reality the bracket interferes slightly with the generator when I fully de-tension the belt. I may fix this before the engine goes in the car. As it is I need to remove the fan to put on the belt.

Setup works great, but was not an off the shelf solution.


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most helpful, thank you