MK 2 door locks

can someone please remind me of the operation of the looks on the rear doors from within the car?
currently if I push the handle forward the door opens, but the handle stays in that forward position so if you try to close the door it doesn’t lock/catch. you have to return the handle to the centre position then close the door. if the handle is moved to the rear it is spring loaded and locks the door so that the external button does not open the door.
its the same on both rear doors.
car is a 1966 mk2

No…mine spring back

Yes, mine work that way

420G, I think they have the same locking system
fronts have to be pushed forward to lock

My understanding is that the handle on the rear door should point UP. In that position it should click rearward and hold - doors locked. Centre position - doors unlocked. Push forward - opens doors and springs back to centre position. The front doors are different - they are spring loaded in both directions - forward to lock/rearward to open door. They should point DOWN. Nigel Thorley agrees in his book, as does the owners’ manual. Mine is a '64 Mark 2.

Thanks Will I think mine have been installed on the wrong sides following restoration.

Many restorations have mixed up the original door handle/locking positions. Here is the definitive answer (as Will correctly noted above):

Reference Jaguar Mk2 Restoration

Than you both. I’ve switched them over this morning. All now as per the manual.

With best regards