Mk 2 loud squeak

I have just taken delivery of a Mk 2 3.8man and the car develops a squeak from the left hand side wheel after 3 or 4 Minutes. The squeak is very loud and intensifies as the car gets faster. Before I took delivery the rear axel was taken out at great expense and machined to address this issue. Problem only occurs after the car has warmed up. Could it be a wheel bearing? Any ideas

Very possible, can you identify if it is front or rear?

Hi Robin,

It appears to be the rear left wheel

Can you describe the squeak? Disc brakes often squeak and this won’t be serious but obviously there are lots of other things that can ‘squeak’ too. :smile:

We might need a few more symptoms like perhaps:

  • does it vary if you turn left or right?
  • does it change if you apply the brakes?
  • is it continuous noise?
  • is any part of that area hot when compared to its opposite?
  • does it affect performance - as in create drag?
    Welcome, Paul
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Hi Paul,
Yes it’s a continuous noise does not seem to effect performance however it does stop on right hand bends.
I have also noted that the left hand rear wire wheel is hotter to touch than the other wheels.
The chirping noise also speeds up with the car. I have noticed that it does stop on braking for one or two seconds then starts up again.

If you take it for a run and let it squeak for 10 min or so, is the left brake disk hotter than the right?

Yes left hand wheel rear wheel appears to be hotter than right after a 10 minute drive.

Sounds like you have a dragging brake caliper. It could be hydraulic, or mechanical. Try cleaning the dust and rust out of the cutouts where the pads ride, and bleed the hydraulics.

Sounds a little like the left rear brake caliper is dragging - not coming completely away from the disc after the brakes are released. This can be a problem with the caliper itself or old flexible brake lines that swell internally and act as a one way valve. Would not expect either if the rear axle has been refurbished? Are you able to tell us what was done to the axle - perhaps the invoice for the work will detail? Paul

Perhaps also the parking brake is misadjusted on that side causing those small pads to drag and squeak. Could you have someone drive next to you and make a video of the noise and post that to this forum. Do you have a lazer heat gun to check the heat of this problem and others in the future. No affiliation here but see this video: Be careful touching hot rotors, I scalded myself on a Buick’s dragging rotor.