Mk 2 Right side front wing needed

Hi. My 61 Mk 2 was severely damaged a few months ago by a young man who forgot to stop for a stop sign. The car is being rebuilt, but we are having a difficult time finding a good right hand front fender. Hoping someone may have one or know of one.


Where in the world are you located?

USA Car is in the Northeast

You might try Welsh Jaguar in Stubenville Ohio. I understand they have lots of used parts available. Or alternatively Jaguar Heaven in Stockton California which is a Jaguar only recycling yard.

Lyonsfin (name?) did the firm that supplied you with the crows foot and other under panels that you must need not have at least the repair sections for the wing?

Give Jack White a call in Virginia at (840) 743-4037. Leave a message, he is not computerized but he WILL have the part and can ship anywhere.


Martin Robey in the UK supply new from original pressing dies a half wing or full wing, but either will need fettling as did all cars on the line. James Dean (jaguru) in Sebring will probably be able to cut off a decent relatively rust free panel from his huge collection.

‘My man’ reconstructed the wing with a series of small triangle sheets of steel gently curve formed and then welded together to make new, but he is a bit old school and a few thousand miles from you so no good.

I know this will sound ungrateful, but really not getting along with the new Jag Lovers; new password required every time I log in and no idea how to just help someone / offer a tip. Car & I turned fifty last year, so probably us. Looks good though.

Thanks everyone, waiting to hear back from a few of these sources. Tigger 2- I have been OK with the password, but I am finding the new site awkward. I’m a few years older than you (58) but a few years younger than my 61 Mk2, so change is slow to learn!