Mk 2 steering options

So… i am in the processs of upgrading/refurbishing my 3.4 mk2. Engine is rebuilt (changed to a 3.8) with 9:1 pistons lightened flywheel, balanced bottom end new 9.5inch clutch etc etc. Completely rebuilt C/H by Rob Beere with improved cams. 2x2inch SU on gas flowed manifold.Rebuilt
All sync O/D Gearbox, diff yet to be done but currently 3.77 non LSD
The idea being to have a quick car that i can use and abuse at track days and maybe some hill climbs. The car came with a rack and pinion power steering upgrade from MC Wilkinson using a electro hydraulic pump. The system worked but in the limited mileage i have done before the refurb i was not happy with the steering as at speed i never felt totally in control.i have the following options in my collection…
420 front sus assembly with Burman power steering
Manual MK2 front sus with a professionally rebuilt “quick” steering box
MC Wilkinson front sus as described above.

My instinct is telling me to revert to the manual steering with new steering box for the type of use I intend.
All comments/experiences welcome

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Phil D

My '62 Mk2 3.8 build sounds similar to yours. I have it running on a test stand, not yet in the car. Revs nicely on the stand, looking forward to how it performs on the road.

Regarding steering – my car has the Burman power assist. While I don’t have experience with this on the road (car was purchased in running condition but not road worthy) I’ve been led to believe that it is too light at speed. I came across an adjustable power steering metering valve which I intend to put inline. That will enable me to dial back the assist.

I did drive a Mk2 that had the power steering disconnected. At speed the effort was fine, but trying to maneuver at parking speeds was very difficult. Reverting to a regular manual steering box probably makes sense.


If it was good enough for Coombs should be ok for you :sunglasses:

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Thanks Tom. Much appreciated

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Philip Dobson

Are these quick boxes ever available to source? How hard are they to have rebuilt?

My Mk2 is a similar upgraded type build and while the power R&P is mostly fine I agree once you start to push it it’s a little vague and unpredictable, but I would have to source the whole set up to convert it back to original.

ICS Steering. Google it. Speak to Katy.

Here’s the adjustable metering valve I mentioned. Of course this won’t help with the ratio.

If I were to do this again the ICS kit looks like a decent option. I don’t see high-ratio originals up for sale too often.

I’m assuming the original power steering will be part of the character and the adjustable valve will enable me to dial in some feel. If only I could make it speed sensitive :slight_smile: I’ve already tightened up the front-end so that may help (solid subframe mounts, poly steering pin bushes, poly sway bar bushes, lowered…).

What about standard or quick ratio steering box with electric assist? The lower column needs replacing - might be good for a quick rack for normal toad use? I have the standard steering box with correct tyres and it’s still an “armful” parking. Paul

Jaguar Electric Power Steering Kit, MK II M/T - 14-5515 - XKs Unlimited › i-22252607-jaguar-elec…

That would do the trick, but pricey. Assist at low speed when you need it…none when you don’t. And maintains stock box.

I’m thinking about it for when I’m older! There’s a YouTube video on it. One of the guys in our club fitted it - very happy. Might want an alternator to replace generator. Paul

It’s something I considered a while ago but forgot about. The car has an alternator so that’s not a problem. I appreciate the input.

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Old thread, but has anyone tried the adjustable valve ?