MK 7, MK 8 and MK 9 tool kit photos wanted

(Steve Kennedy) #1

I am trying to figure out which of the four types of 4 inch spanners are correct for the MK 7-8-9 tool kits. There are the Garrington with the hole at the end of the handle, the Garringtons with out the hole, and yes it has an S on the end of the name, the BAHCO and the GEDOR. It is probably one of the two Garringtons as the Bahco and Gedor are both for the later cars. Anyway, a good close-up of the 4 inch spanner in the tool kit showing how it fits, would be much appreciated.

If you could email a photo, it would be much appreciated.
PS, yes I do know Roger Payne very well. This is for a project he and I are slowly working on.